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4 August 2019 - The Problem of Pride

Many times, we tend to find fault in the lives of others. In pointing out other's failures, we strive to fulfill a need that is found only in Jesus Christ. Last week's message reminds us that speaking evil of others is not what God intends for His children. We need to acknowledge Jesus in every decision we make, and avoid the spirt of pride and self-glorification.

Scripture: James 4:11-12

21 July 2019 - Expectation vs Reality Part 2

Sin is a serious thing, and only by submitting to God can we truly overcome the desires of our flesh. As we continue this challenging truth from last week's message, James gives a blueprint to do just this: submit to God's authority, draw close to Him, and truly repent.

Scripture: James 4:6-10

14 July 2019 - Expectation vs Reality

God gave us His Spirit to help us live a life that is separated from the world. Last Sundays message challenges us to remember that being a friend of the world is like an "enemy of God." Rather being a friend to the world, we should be a light and source of love that points others to Him!

Scripture: James 4:1-5

7 July 2019 - True Wisdom

God promises to give us wisdom as we pursue and ask Him for it. We desperately need this wisdom, in order to live a life that will point others to Him. This past Sunday's reminder is that true wisdom is found only in Jesus Christ.

23 June 2019 - Get it Under Control

James reminds us that when ruled by our flesh, the tongue can truly be a destructive thing. But when we allow the Spirit of God to take control, it becomes a way for us to edify, encouragement, and share His love with others. Only in Jesus Christ, can we get our tongue under control!

2 June 2019 - Dead Faith

Our faith must be shown by our work Our works for the Lord are a result of an overflow of our faith and love in Jesus Christ. Faith without works, is dead.

26 May 2019 - Favouritism

James chapter 2 starts with a challenging truth. God’s unconditional love is extended to all – no matter the background or situation. Just as He has freely shown love to us, we ought to show it to whoever is in need. We look on the outside, but God always looks at the heart.

19 May 2019 - Live it Out

James main concern for the scattered believers was that their faith would result in action. As Christians, God's foremost desire is that our belief in the Word of God, would be revealed in our willingness to live out the Word.

28 April 2019 - From Testing to Temptation

Our study of James continues as we see how the outside trials of life, will often move to an inward temptation. James gives us some warnings and encouragement to face temptation, with a victorious attitude that only comes through our relationship with Christ.

7 April 2019 - God’s Answer to Trials

James 1:5-12 is an important passage when facing unexpected trials and temptations in life. The good thing is, God has and answer for you, and it can be found in today’s message.

31 March 2019 - God’s Answer to Trials

In this first sermon of a new series in the book of James. We begin by looking at James encouragement to live joyfully, even in the difficult situations of life, because God is working through that situation for your good.



Last Sunday's message is brought by Pastor Dennis Fountain and gives a powerful truth from the life of Shamgar. There's no room for excuses when it comes to serving God. All He asks for is a surrendered spirit and heart full of faith. It is then when He can truly use us and display His power in our lives! No more excuses.

Scripture: Judges 3:31

28 July 2019 - Grace Dispensers

In last Sunday's message, guest speaker Pastor Mike Hollen brought a great challenge on grace! We get grace, to give grace, for God's glory! As receivers of God's grace we should share it with those in need.

Scripture: Hebrews 4:16